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My 2017

Last year I wrote “My 2016”, inspired by Always Improve, Never Stop, Never Pause, Never Appreciate: things I did; not necessarily “achievements”, but happy and/or notable things.

I’m glad I did, so I’m doing it again. So, in no particular order:

I got married! It was lovely. Ten people (immediate family), ceremony at Clare College where we met, and dinner afterwards.

I became a cancer patient (Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma), had six cycles of chemotherapy (R-CHOP) and 36Gy of mediastinal radiation, and currently look like I’m on the path to remission (hopefully to be confirmed in March).

I became a founding trustee of The UK Python Association, a charity “to advance education for the public benefit in the use and understanding of the Python programming language within the UK”.

I didn’t make it to many events (wonky immune system and/or fatigue) but PyCon 2017 was great fun.

I wrote 27 blog posts - still trying to get better at “just writing things” - the curse of knowledge is real, but it gets better with practice.

I started looking into my family tree.

I bought a funky keyboard and learnt to touch-type.

I got a little way into “Smart”-ing my home, with cameras and an event platform

Lots of time in hospital gave me lots of time to read, enough to want to put together a second post of some books and brief opinions.

I saw some fantastic shows and concerts:


I went into 2017 with three broad goals: write more, make more, speak more. Circumstances made achieving them was more challenging than I’d initially expected, but it does mean I can recycle them for 2018!

Meanwhile, I think Jonty summed it up: