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Leafing through the family tree

Many years ago I started looking into my family tree. This was hard when I was too young to drive and the main way of getting information involved travelling to a likely location and poring through old records in libraries and churches.

Thanks to the wonders of digitised records, the internet, and an Ancestry account, it got a lot easier!

Some observations thus far:

  • I applaud my great-great-grandmother’s desire for consistency, but forcing the whole family to change the spelling of their last name because some official messed up writing a birth certificate is a bit much!
  • Middle names are wonderful for helping identify people
  • Calling one daughter “Eliza” and another “Elizabeth” is an utter pain (yes really, they were both baptised at the same time)
  • Nobody can spell Phoebe
  • Censuses are brilliant, let’s have more
  • Census-takers should take handwriting lessons, or at least use block capitals
  • Please be more imaginative when naming your children, but not so imaginative that people keep writing it down incorrectly

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