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At the end of every year, I find myself looking back going “wow that was over fast, what on earth did I do with all that time, aargh!”

Thus in the spirit of one of my favourite articles, Always Improve, Never Stop, Never Pause, Never Appreciate, here’s some of what I did in 2016. Not necessarily “achievements”, not necessarily endorsements, but things I did that made me happy.

So, in no particular order:

I proposed. She said yes. We bought a house.

I shipped 28 blog posts. Still not as many as I’d like, but I’ve always struggled with over-editing to the point where I never finish, so this marks progress.

I helped run a conference, as treasurer of PyCon UK 2016.

I contributed to the BeeWare project and received a challenge coin.

My first ever Debian contribution, an apt-get UX “bug” (improvement? patch?) #709092, was resolved. Massive thanks to David Kalnischkies and Chris Lamb.

I baked my first pie, I captained a starship (seriously, this was so much fun), and I cracked The Crystal Maze (thanks Giles!)

I made it to a bunch of excellent events:

I don’t have a complete list of books I read, as my GoodReads account was mostly untouched for 2016 (though I plan to use it more in 2017) but my Kindle/Amazon data let me reconstruct a partial list (at least of the fiction; I generally prefer physical books for non-fiction). I read some great books though:

I saw some fantastic theatre:


Putting this list together has helped me remember and appreciate bits of 2016 that were good for me. I recommend giving it a try yourself.