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Fitbit Alta HR: My First Impressions

I figured it was about time I started taking some health metrics, so I bought myself the new Fitbit Alta HR.

With sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, reminders to move, and the obligatory step tracking, it ticked the boxes for me.

It’s been fascinating to finally measure this stuff and turn “I should probably sleep more and do more cardio” into concrete metrics and goals!

That said, when Fitbit advertise the Alta HR as a “Fitness Wristband” (rather than one of their “Smart Fitness Watches”) they mean it.

Gtypist - Tpye Moar Gud

gtypist (technically “GNU Typist”) is a fantastic tool for learning / practising typing.

It’s been around for a while and that shows in some of its commonly packaged lessons (it’s 2017, automatic linewrap is a thing, two spaces after a full stop less so) but it does what it needs to, and is readily available and easy to use.

Merging Two Git Repositories

Say you have two git repositories that you want to combine into one.

Maybe you’re assembling a monorepo, or maybe you’ve decided your standalone tool/library shouldn’t be standalone any more. Whatever the reason, you almost certainly don’t want to lose your commit history.

So here’s how: