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Lightweight OKRs

If OKRs - “Objectives and Key Results” - are completely new to you, there are probably better introductions. But if you’re looking for a lightweight OKR system that has worked well for me, then here goes.

Many of the problems I’ve seen and heard of with OKRs seem to come from well-intentioned people taking Google’s implementation of OKRs (which includes scoring and assessment and measurement and other complexities and nuances) and misapplying it, copying some parts but not other essential pieces, and just generally having a square-peg-round-hole situation.

I’m sure the Google system works well for Google. Here’s what has worked well for me.

1:1s aren’t just a management thing

1:1 meetings are great - the opportunity to sit down together with someone for a time is invaluable, and something I expect managers to do with their staff on a regular basis.

But they shouldn’t just be “a thing managers do”. Whatever your role, a regular 1:1 with colleagues - whether they’re someone you work alongside every day, or someone more distant in the organisation - is an excellent investment.

GitHub Repository Configuration Checklist

Here’s how I generally configure my GitHub repositories.

At some point I should automate this - I’m hoping that GitHub will add some cool .github/config.yaml functionality and save me some work. Until then, this is my checklist!

Distributed vs Remote

I like to distinguish between “distributed” and “remote”.

Being distributed is an intrinsic property - a team can be distributed, with no real central locus like an office.

Being remote is an extrinsic property - you’re remote from something, like a remote team in another country.