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In Praise of Twitter

I joined Twitter back in 2010 and have loved it. Like so many of these things, I find you get from it what you put in, and over the years I put in lots of effort curating my timeline so that I followed a fantastic selection of people and groups that brought me knowledge and joy.

(Obviously it also helps that as a cis het white male non-celebrity, a lot of the very worst stuff passes me by)

I follow a bunch of folk like me - with professional/personal overlap etc. and that’s great But Twitter has given me access to so many wonderful people from so many different spheres, and my life has been all the richer for it And I worry how damage to Twitter will damage that.

(And obviously huge huge sympathies to people who are/have been much more directly affected by all the recent changes)

I can’t possibly do it all justice, but to just scratch the surface of some of that joy:

There’s been so much already said about the unique value of Twitter:

Ultimately Whitney Merrill sums it up best:

I’m not “leaving Twitter”, but it seems foolish to not try to capture some of this over on the fediverse in case.

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