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Amateur Radio

I am a licensed radio amateur. Wikipedia describes Amateur Radio as:

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radiosport, contesting, and emergency communication. The term “amateur” is used to specify “a duly authorised person interested in radioelectric practice with a purely personal aim and without pecuniary interest;”

There’s an incredible range to the hobby: some like to simply talk to others nearby, some like to see how many different places they can communicate with, some enjoy travelling to different islands or mountains to contact others, some are interested in electronics and building radios, and some like to communicate by bouncing signals off the moon.

I’m less interested in the human communication aspect, and more in the technical, particularly in exploring the “hidden” world of signals around us all. Actually, given I do very little transmission and instead focus primarily on what I can receive, I make relatively poor use of the permissions my license grants me!

I hold an Intermediate UK License, operating as 2E0KGG, previously M6KGG with my Foundation License. I passed my exams thanks to help and support from my dad (G4HSK) and Martin Atherton (G3ZAY) and the Cambridge University Wireless Society. At some point I intend to attempt to qualify for a Full license, but the step up in knowledge and effort required means I keep putting it off.

I am in no way qualified to provide anyone with a good introduction or support to the hobby, but I would happily provide what guidance and information I can to anybody interested.

My main rig is a Yaesu FT-847, a generous gift from a family friend Alan (G4OJN - SK), currently connected to an indoor-mounted 9:1 Unun and 29’ of speaker wire haphazardly strung around the room.

I’m also accumulating a collection of various Software-Defined Radios, including:

Currently I’m building an Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR Transmitter Kit to finally do some actual transmission.

Next, I intend to explore APRS and try communicating via the International Space Station.

If you’d like to know more about anything listed here, do please get in touch!