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File An Issue Please

I’m a big fan of keeping track of as much as possible in a ticketing system, be it GitHub Issues or JIRA or similar.

John Cutler nicely summarises some of the value of this approach:

Why we make tickets

* So if we get sick, a teammate can help us out
* To help us decompose our work into small pieces
* As a placeholder for a real-life conversation
* To keep track of how we resolved the issue
* To make our standups effective
* To point out dependencies
* To reflect on the mix/makeup of our work during retros
* Self-discipline. Don't take on too much. Try to do one thing at a time

Why we don't make tickets

* To track our time
* To compete with other team members
* To show managers we're busy
* To make managing people possible
* To report status or % complete
* Because Jira is fun to use
* External discipline