Kristian Glass - Do I Smell Burning?

Mostly technical things


I believe that:

  • Only one person can effectively own a decision
  • Delegation is about handing off decisions (and not just “work”)
  • Owning a decision makes you responsible for it
  • Everyone is entitled to an opinion but that’s orthogonal to the decison making
  • Sometimes good decisions result in bad outcomes
  • Sometimes bad decisions result in good outcomes
  • You should reward the quality of decision not the quality of the outcome
  • Once a decision has been made you should respect it
  • Once something has been decided, that doesn’t make it set in stone
  • As your boss, I may disagree with your decision, but it is still your decision
  • As your boss, I do not automatically have the ability to override your decisions, only take away decision-making authority
  • As your boss, I will override your decision if I believe it is highly likely to cause significant damage, but only then

Thanks to Roy Rapoport for helping me shape some of these beliefs