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Removing Myself From the Equation

Through circumstance and history, there’s a bunch of tasks and procedures for which I’m either the only one on my team who knows how to do them, or at least the local expert who does them most frequently.

For the sake of my team’s autonomy, resilience, and ability to evolve these processes, it’s important that this knowledge and experience isn’t confined to just me.

So here’s what I generally do to change that:

User Stories

“As $role I want $desire so that $benefit

I’m growing to love the idea of user stories. A simple short sentence or two capturing someone’s need, providing context to indicate their motivation, and usually specifying little in the way of implementation details.

Treat Your Servers Like Cattle, Not Like Pets

(Having little experience of pets, and none of anonymous herds of cattle, perhaps “like blood cells, not like limbs” is a better analogy…)

This is a pretty common adage among people working at any kind of scale. I just wish it was more generally accepted.

Reboot your servers often. Destroy and rebuild them often. Poke them, prod them, ensure that your services continue.

The Most Efficient Django Test

Everyone loves superlatives, especially when I’m the one who gets to choose the efficiency metric so they’re probably not even hyperbole…!

It’s six lines long, and exercises your settings, your URL config, and potentially even much more!

My Django Project Template

I made a Django project template.

First things first: I don’t think you should use my Django project template for your Django projects. In fact, much like with dotfiles, I don’t think you should ever just use someone else’s template. In the spirit of Yes Minister’s irregular verbs: “I make careful and opinionated curations, you make poor choices, they add pointless bloat”.

What can be useful though, is using them for inspiration and ideas, and I definitely think mine has some things worth taking.