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Everyday Carry

I’m rarely without my shoulder bag, a habit that’s persisted since my school years.

Here’s a selection of what it contains, as a reminder/inventory for myself, for potential interest to others, and because I have an Amazon referral account.

Code Builders vs Task Orchestrators - Two Kinds of CI System

I feel like there’s two very different kinds of software that label themselves as “CI servers” and that picking the right one matters.

You can roughly divide most things up based on whether their primary object, the primary entity on which they operate, is a code repository or a more generic “task”/“job”

ShellCheck on CircleCI

Are you using ShellCheck on your shell scripts? If not, you probably want to.

Are you using CircleCI to run your tests etc.? Then you may have already noticed that you can’t just apt-get install shellcheck.

Instead, you’ll probably want something like the following in your circle.yml:

Guys. Please Don’t

This is not new, this is not original, and other people have certainly written better and more eloquently about this. This is about me avoiding self-repetition

Some people, including some who are not male, have no problem being referred to as “guys”

Some people, some of whom may not be male, dislike being referred to as “guys”.

It feels like there’s two choices at this point when addressing mixed groups. One of which I understand, one of which I don’t.

Definition of Done

I wrote Always Be Closing and it spawned a conversation about what it means to be “done”, so here’s a Definition of Done I wrote a few months back.

“Done” means different things to different people. It’s important to be clear about what you mean when you say “Done”.

Some example definitions include (in roughly increasing order of “strength” / “thoroughness”):

The Curse of Knowledge

It sounds like it’s the latest Indiana Jones title, but the curse of knowledge is a pervasive problem you should know about:

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when, in predicting others’ forecasts or behaviors, individuals are unable to ignore the knowledge they have that others do not have, or when they are unable to disregard information already processed.

Always Be Closing - the Importance of Focus and Finishing

(From Glengarry Glenn Ross, where Alec Baldwin’s character acts like a colossal asshole, but we’re all kinda cool with that because he’s a charming and successful colossal asshole. Warning: that’s how toxic environments happen.)

Close things. Finish things. See them through to the end.

I’m writing this for myself more than anyone else. Closure is important. Being able to mentally go “that’s done” and move on is vital.