Kristian Glass - Do I Smell Burning?

Mostly technical things

Why do I smell burning?

It’s “doismellburning” as in “Do I Smell Burning?”.

My name is not “Mel”, as in “D’oh is Mel burning?” (it’s ok Thayer, I’ll always be Mel for you!)

It’s not abbreviation for “Mademoiselle Burning” (probably one of the more interesting interpretations I’ve had!)

I wanted a pseudonymous (because at the time that felt like a trend) handle and domain that I could say out loud and people would understand. Combine this with a primal fascination with fire and an incident with a monitor and a poorly-placed halogen lamp, and there we go.

There’ve been two phonecalls so far where someone thought I was reporting an emergency while giving them my email address, but other than that, it’s been good!