Kristian Glass - Do I Smell Burning?

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Spaceteam is a fantastic mobile game for you and some friends to play together.

It recreates the essence of 90s-ish spaceship sci-fi dramas: shouting, technobabble and explosions.

You each have a starship control panel, an incoming stream of instructions, and a rapidly ticking countdown.

The kicker is, most of the actions will be on someone else’s control panel; cue cries of “Reverse the polarity!”, “Disengage the hyperdrive!”, “Water the plants!” and more. There will be shouting. This is not a quiet game.

Note that I say most of the actions will be for someone else to perform, and not all. At some point you will forget this caveat, and it will be hilarious.

Go get Spaceteam, shout at your friends, and fail to avoid hilarious destruction.