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Pipeline 2015

Pipeline is a one-day not-for-profit ‘unconference’ event focused on Continuous Delivery”

I was at Pipeline 2015 and it was excellent. Great talks, great people. My particular favourites (taken from the Pipeline Vimeo channel):

Linda Rising - Myths And Patterns Of Organizational Change

Fantastic talk, and a good reminder that “Continuous Delivery” is about more than just code and tools - as with so many things, people are the critical component.

It was also notable just how many times (totally independently) Rising (and Manns’s) “Fearless Change” was recommended at ScaleSummit the subsequent week!

Meri Williams - My Monolith Is Melting

(Slides and references)

Packed full of awesome - again a healthy reminder that people are what matter most - with some great examples and insights into the importance of empathy and perspective. I especially liked:

Other takeaways

It was interesting to hear just how many people used Jenkins, and how many found it the source of immense frustration.

Jenkins Job Builder came highly recommended for solving many common problems. Given that the Jenkins “API” for job configuration is “GET or POST a giant complex config.xml file describing the setup”, and I have previously (with great sadness) found sed the easiest tool for dealing with it (while fully aware of the dangers), this looks like it’ll be very useful!