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Burn After Reading - Introducing My Newsletter

As of yesterday, I have a newsletter: Burn After Reading.

Powered by Revue, Burn After Reading is a collection of things I’ve read and found interesting, both technical and not.

Why a newsletter?

I want to write more (you should write more) and the newsletter format helps me do that - it feels like a better place for “here’s a thing, I found it interesting” notes that don’t feel like they have enough substance for this blog.

I want a more verbose archive of things I’ve read and found interesting. I’m a very happy Pinboard user, and it’s great for storing, tagging, and searching links, but sometimes I want to add a little of my own narrative and thoughts, and Pinboard doesn’t feel the right place for that.

Finally, I think maybe other people will find them interesting. I could tweet them, but I want something that feels a little less ephemeral. Revue offers me an email newsletter with a nice archive I can make public, and that feels great.

So, the first issue of Burn After Reading is live! Expect subsequent ones to follow approximately weekly. If you find it interesting, please subscribe - I’d love to hear any feedback you may have.