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Do you like coffee? If so, buy an Aeropress.

I like coffee. I have a filter coffee machine. It’s not too expensive, makes pleasant filter coffee, and has an integrated grinder. Not especially amazing in The World Of Coffee Equipment, but I was happy with it. I bought an Aeropress. I’ve used nothing else since.

The Aeropress is brilliant. It cost me £25, which is nearly nothing compared to a lot of other coffee kit. It is a tube of plastic, a plunger, and a “filter-y bit” (this is a technical term). You put filter paper in the filter-y bit, attach it to the tube, put coffee and hot water in, then use the plunger to push it through the filter and into your cup. Watch Gwilym Davies, World Barista Champion 2009, demonstrate. There are ways to vary this (the Inverted Method has less “drip-through”), but it’s pretty straight forward. I regularly manage this while being barely awake, which for me is an important criterion.

The coffee that comes out is smooth. Really smooth, like “all other coffee I’ve ever had tasted bitter in comparison” smooth. It produces “espresso-like quantities” (but not An Actual Espresso because you are not producing 9kPa of pressure with your hands), so just top up with hot water if you want something longer.

Obviously, your milage may vary. I don’t really know much about coffee. I know that I like what comes out of my Aeropress.

Update: A great article about the invention of the Aeropress by Alan Adler, and his other creation, the Aerobie.